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Meet Johnny

This is a photo of Johnny, should you ever need to identify him when he is at your door.  Fortunately, he will not show up at your door uninvited.  He does not go from town to town selling his wares like a character from The Music Man… or an ad man, for that matter.

What he will bring to town, once invited, is a pad of paper ready to ask questions.  This is more than just “what do you do well?”  This is a deep analysis of what your unique story is.  The human lifeblood of your company.  The DNA that undeniably separates you from your competition.

Along with The Wizard of Ads Partners, Johnny will bring over 30 years of his own experience in making your business be the one people think of first and feel the best about.

His background includes writing for companies in Chicago, Detroit, and Dallas, and small businesses in little towns like Nashua, New Hampshire and his present home in Springfield, Illinois.  As an alum of The Second City Training Center in Chicago, Johnny learned the specialized art of writing satire (in other words, persuading through entertaining… in other other words, getting people to form a new opinion… in other other other words advertising).  He attended The Wizard Academy, the non-profit business school founded by Pennie and Roy H. Williams in Austin, Texas, certified Mini-MBA in Marketing from Professor Mark Ritson, and has studied marketing and business at The Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin and The Walker Broadcast Management Institute.

Good.  Now we got that small-talk stuff out of the way.  Let’s talk about the important stuff:  Your business.  Contact Johnny here.

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